Welcome to the first blog post here on Nerdful Things!

For those who have followed my Nerdgazzum site and social media, you may have noticed the changes made (mainly a name change and different profile pics and cover photos) – I wanted a fresh start after having wrapped up the business.


Well, the business became too much to run on top of a full-time job and a family – as the days went by, everything became increasingly demanding and, being a bloke, I struggle to multi-task at the best of times and it meant certain aspects of my life could no longer get the attention or focus they required.  Due to the nature of the collectibles/toy business, it became pretty difficult to compete due to having no investment and running day-to-day on the money brought in from orders to then be able to place the next order.  I learned a lot from the experience, namely that my family deserved better.  I was so wrapped up in managing the site etc. that every time a shipment came in, my stress levels skyrocketed and as a result my family suffered.  Almost two and a half years later, I learned where my priorities should be.

So what now?

The Facebook Page recently has been a means of sharing cool posts, videos and images related to the pop culture universe and so I figured that, rather than delete everything, I would build upon that – it’s something I do practically every day so why not focus more on something I already do that I enjoy and there’s no stress?  It’s not to say the retail door is closed – I still have a lot of cool stuff I’m looking to clear and I may return to the field when life becomes less hectic but for now, that chapter has ended.  I lost my way when podcasting – I tried to do too much to the point I put myself off it.  My personal podcast was my way of getting through my long term illness which then turned out to be depression and it attracted a lot of trolls and other unsavoury characters.  Again, through that, I have learned a lesson and have a few ideas in mind on how to re-launch myself into the podcasting world.

So, for now, I’m going to do something I thoroughly enjoy and if other folks also enjoy it then it’s a win.  So, brace yourselves [read in Ned Stark’s dulcet tones] for memes, videos and other nonsense as well as posts on my favourite shows, movies and the not-so favourites too!

Peace out.

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