I’ve been a member of TopCashback for a couple of years but only really started to use it last year.  Since then, I’ve accrued over £120 worth of cashback as well as some pretty good deals on top.

With the run up to Christmas plus the fact that most online retailers we use on a day-to-day basis it’s possible to earn heaps of cashback just by shopping as we normally do only with a nice kick back.

From online shopping with Asda and Tesco; SKY TV/Virgin/NOW TV; My Geek Box, Pop In A Box, eBay, Amazon…oh, and for your weekends and lazy nights in, Just Eat and Domino’s and much, much more.

On top of the cashback, you can also earn some moolah by referring your friends and family.  TopCashback regularly have schemes where you can get double the amount for referrals during certain times of the year boosting it from £7.50 to £15 and a lot of other incentives.  All they need to do is reach £10 cashback to then have TopCashback pay out the reward for the referrers.

It’s a great site and a good way to boost rewards and pick up some hot deals.

My referral link is on the left of the blog – if you haven’t signed up then please sign up via my link to support the site and then spread the word and grab yourselves some referral bucks and awesome deals!

Thanks for reading!

American Horror Story Season 6

After months of speculation, we now know the theme for the latest in the AHS series.  We’re three episodes in and I wanted to share my thoughts.  This latest offering gives us a completely different means of story-telling.  With the visuals and setting resembling The Blair Witch Project in episode one and the ‘reconstruction’ scenes then cutting to a documentary style interview with the key players, it’s a very unusual yet oddly compelling mechanism.

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Ain’t No Party Like A Sausage Party – Review [Spoilers]

Sausage Party is more than foul-mouthed fruit and veg running amok – there are some very funny and clever moments within it.

I went in with high expectations – the trailer sold me on it since I first saw it and prior to that I was waiting with anticipation when I initially heard about Seth Rogen’s latest venture.  Tie in the fantastic voice cast and sublime animation and you have an awesome film.

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How To Get Free Amazon Credit For Virtually Nothing

Don’t worry, the subject isn’t click-bait and I can assure you this is 100% legit and above board.

I discovered the ViewersLogic app about 2 months ago – amidst the plethora of apps offering free money (you know, download x app and get points to eventually trade in for PayPal money etc.) only this isn’t a laborious grind for something that may not actually happen.

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New Podcast

I’m working on a new podcast for Nerdful Things – I will be planning it out and developing a structure as well as trying to make it the best possible quality as I can.  Already have a theme tune lined up – I did that first!

I have some ideas for content for the inaugural episode but I’m open to ideas from folks who would like to listen.  Drop a comment below or post on the Facebook Page with your suggestions.

Stay tuned for it going up!



Welcome to the first blog post here on Nerdful Things!

For those who have followed my Nerdgazzum site and social media, you may have noticed the changes made (mainly a name change and different profile pics and cover photos) – I wanted a fresh start after having wrapped up the business.

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