Ain’t No Party Like A Sausage Party – Review [Spoilers]

Sausage Party is more than foul-mouthed fruit and veg running amok – there are some very funny and clever moments within it.

I went in with high expectations – the trailer sold me on it since I first saw it and prior to that I was waiting with anticipation when I initially heard about Seth Rogen’s latest venture.  Tie in the fantastic voice cast and sublime animation and you have an awesome film.

But, it does have a few detractors.  I knew there was going to be swearing and, for those that know me, as a Scotsman I am no prude and generally act like a gatling gun firing round after round of profanity, but the swearing from the on-set felt more like it was just thrown in because they could and the context of the movie didn’t need it.  Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of moments where the cuss words are appropriate and/or funny as hell; it’s just that it felt like they were trying to cram as much in as they could for the pure hell of it.

So what’s the plot?  Well, the trailer pretty much sets the tone – the fruit and veg and other goods in the supermarket revere humans as their gods.  Their belief is that the gods pluck them from the shelves to take them to the great beyond, completely oblivious to the harsh reality.  Frank (Seth Rogen) meets a slightly different fate after falling from a trolley and we see an insanely funny and engrossing sequence reminiscent of Saving Private Ryan.  There are a lot of references to other media such as Terminator 2 and I found that even funnier having recognised the references and homages.

Okay, so the plot isn’t groundbreaking but the journey of Frank and co is certainly an enjoyable one.

The voice-overs are brilliant as well as the soundtrack – an unexpected ‘cameo’ from Meat Loaf was both welcome and hilarious.  One of my favourite scenes was when a ‘god’ was doing bath salts in his house to the tune of ‘Little Green Bag’.  The soundtrack is just as clever as a lot of the well placed gags.

From the stereotypically Jewish bagel to the Nazi sauerkraut planning the extermination of the juice, the characters are incredibly enjoyable.  Even the douche – Frank’s nemesis thanks to the shopping trolley debacle – is well executed and funny.

There’s an especially funny scene that almost made me choke and ache from laughing…

[su_spoiler title=”SPOILER”]Barry, Frank’s sausage-y friend is out on the streets and stumbles upon a used condom. The condom describes its harrowing ordeal with a mouthful of spoodge.[/su_spoiler]

There’s also a…

[su_spoiler title=”SPOILER”]Frenzied orgy between pretty much every foodstuff and household item – from Mr Grits wreaking revenge on those goddamn crackers to the taco going down on the bun in a steamy lesbian session. There’s threesomes, foursomes and more-somes. I probably missed a lot of things going on as it was so frantic, the imagery came thick and fast (like the characters) but the sequence was an absolute riot.[/su_spoiler]

Overall, I was not disappointed.  After my initial reaction to the amount of swearing at the start I soon got over it and thoroughly enjoyed the flick.  It’s pretty much a laugh-a-minute affair with a few layers (like the onions).

So, like the tampon towards the end of the movie who gets a bit of human blood on him and he hulks out…I’m off.  Definitely check the movie out.  Unless you’re easily offended, a prude or need a sense of humour transplant.


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